Cat Condos


At Cat City Boarding Resort, we care for the physical and emotional needs of our furry guests. Your cat will have food, fresh water, and a soft clean bed. Litter boxes are changed frequently. Our facility is sparkling clean.
_MG_5294 Your cat will stay in a 2 – 3 level cat condo. Cats like to live vertically. They have an instinctual need to climb and to be perched up high so that they can survey what is around them. Cat condos provide exercise for cats within a protected space so that they can feel safe and comfortable. If your cat isn’t comfortable jumping up and down, we have one-level condos where they will be comfortable.


For recreation, we have fish tanks to watch, cat toys for play and exercise. Cats also have posts to scratch and stretch.

Cats instinctively want to sit up high so that they can survey the space around them. .

We are respectful of your cat’s needs and preferences. When cats are used to their new environment and ready for socialization, they get petting and lap time. They can wander freely when they feel safe and comfortable in the environment.

Cat City boards only cats. Unlike pet boarding services, there are no barking dogs.