Frequently Asked Questions

Tiger catQuestion: What time can I drop-off or pick-up my cat?
Answer: Please make an appointment by calling us at 206.729.2529. We are closed on Sunday between noon and 6pm.

Question: Do you need any kind of documentation?
Answer: Yes, please bring your cat’s immunization record.

Question: Do I need to provide food for my cat?
Answer: We have food available but if your cat has a special diet you will need to provide the correct food for them.

Question: Can you dispense medication for my cat?
Answer: There is an extra charge to dispense medications. Please call us to discuss the details at 206.729.2529

Question: Will my cat be allowed to roam?
Answer: Well socialized and confident cats can come out to play, but even if your cat prefers to stay in his or her own space, he or she will be happy, comfortable and get plenty of exercise.

Question: Is there a price break for long-term stay?
Answer: Yes, board your cat for three weeks and get another week for free.

Question: My cat prefers to stay at home, can you pet-sit?
Answer: We can do in-home visits to feed your cat and change their litter box.

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